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Using 116 Pall Mall during the Olympics

The IoD's Pall Mall premises are situated right in the heart of Olympic London and we are delighted to announce that not only will we be hosting a National Olympic Committee during the Games period (23 July - 12 August) but we also have a number of clients who have chosen 116 Pall Mall for their business and entertaining.

For IoD members it will be business as usual but with a few small changes to 116 Pall Mall:

• The Restaurant and Cocktail Bar will relocate to the Directors Room, providing a fantastic space for dining and entertaining and the flambeaux will be lit each evening. It will also be open on the weekends of the 28th and 29th July and the 4th and 5th August. There will be a dinner service from 5.30pm - 10.30pm on Saturdays and a lunch service from 12.00pm - 2.30pm on Sundays.
• As this is our quieter period we are closing the lower ground floor. The new bar in the Directors Room will provide an alternative to the Wine Bar and breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the new Restaurant.
• Ample member lounge areas will be available in both 116 and 123 Pall Mall to accommodate members who want a place to meet or work out of the office.
• Member office space on the 5th floor will be running as normal as will our Business Centre.
• Due to increased security, membership cards must be shown on arrival to guarantee access.

There are several events taking place around Pall Mall, including the Olympic Torch Relay which ends at Westminster; the Beach Volleyball, held at Horse Guards Parade and all of the road races which start and end on The Mall.

If you are coming in to London to soak up the atmosphere, make sure you pop in to the IoD as it will be a very different atmosphere to normal. It will be a great place to escape the crowds and you couldn't get a more central spot to enjoy a relaxed lunch or dinner away from all the hustle and bustle.

Not coming into central London? Take a look at the IoD premises around the UK as there may be a better option when London is at its busiest. Visit

A reminder of what you can book:

• The Restaurant and Cocktail bar will be a great location to meet, especially on event days.
• The Business Centre is an ideal central location to arrange meetings and impress guests as it will be a unique setting in July - September.
• We are even taking long term bookings during Games time as we know that a lot of businesses will struggle. We are offering function and business centre rooms for rent for longer periods to allow members a central, easily accessible base that people can walk to, and that offers meeting space, entertaining options, wifi throughout and a high level of service for your business.

To find out more or book any of the facilities in the Pall Mall premises during the Olympics contact us today:

Restaurant: 020 7451 3337
Business Centre: 020 7451 3104
Conference and banqueting: 020 7451 3107
General reception enquiries: 020 7451 3239