How to find the right banquet hall

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When it comes to booking the perfect venue, here are five factors everyone must consider so that the big day is remembered for all the right reasons…

Size Matters

There are several things that can go horribly wrong if you choose the wrong room. One is that the room is too small, the guests feel like they’re packed in, there is not enough space between the diners and the gaps between the tables are too narrow. However, if the room is too big then it suggests that the organiser got the numbers wrong, overestimated the number of guests and it can affect the atmosphere. Either way, it suggests bad planning on all fronts.

There can also be circumstances when the event planners would like to downsize or upscale the banqueting room. To cover all the bases, it is perhaps worth considering if the venue you’re looking to hire has rooms of different sizes and a degree of flexibility.


Location, location, location

Whether a guest ultimately decides to attend your banquet can often be dictated by where that event is taking place. There are three factors to bear in mind. Firstly, how long would it take for your guests to get to and from the venue? If it’s in London then does it have good links to public transport, bearing in mind that alcohol might be served and therefore guests won’t be driving. And finally, if some guests need to stay overnight does the venue either have guest rooms or is it very close to a good choice of hotels to suit different budgets?


Grand Designs

One banqueting hall can often look indistinguishable from the next one. What can help to elevate an event is finding a venue that is either memorable in terms of its design or that it boasts a unique history and heritage. In those instances, the banqueting hall acts as the star of the show and may require very little else by way of interior design. Also, does the venue have any sort of link to the event? All of these elements can help generate a buzz in advance of the banquet and will create a talking point on the day itself.


‘Do you have Wi-Fi?’

It is a fact of modern life that even though people probably shouldn’t be looking at their phones while they’re being served the main course, it will inevitably happen. Guests will, therefore, expect to have free Wi-Fi, but it also clearly benefits any event planner to have a venue where guests can instantly post and share pictures on social media. Seeing guests having a good time not only serves as the perfect advert for the event but can also help raise its profile to a wider audience.

Other potential pitfalls to avoid are making there are enough facilities on site, therefore guests don’t have to queue to use the WC. That could leave a bad impression especially if that happened to coincide with food and drinks being served. Also, it should almost go without saying that it is important to check in advance if the venue provides tables, chairs, catering and cloakroom staff.


It’s all about the details

Another inevitable consequence of holding a banquet is that even though everyone attending will be asked in advance if they have any dietary requirements there will probably be further requests by guests on the day. For the event planner, it is reassuring to know that the on-site team has the flexibility to deal with such issues at short notice and with the minimum of fuss. The success or otherwise of the banquet can often come down to small details.

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