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Yoga? At 116 Pall Mall? Yes, that’s right. Find out why our historic rooms have been providing the ideal backdrop for people looking to reduce their stress and improve their wellbeing...

In 2016, a study from Lancaster University revealed that ‘Yoga’ was one of the UK’s top 15 most searched words on Google.

More of us are turning to yoga, not only as a way to keep fit, but also to improve our wellbeing.

And although you would never associate a historic building like ours with running yoga classes, our spectacular rooms and features provide an unusual backdrop that companies are looking for to set their events apart from the competition.

Furthermore, we’re also strong advocates of supporting small businesses and start-ups. And, under the umbrella of the Institute of Directors, we have been running an ongoing campaign since Spring 2017 to promote positive mental health and wellbeing at work.

So, it made perfect sense for us to partner with Alyssa Champion of And Happenings Yoga. Together we’ve started hosting regular classes in our Waterloo and Burton Rooms.

Here, Alyssa explains why yoga has become so popular and what you can expect from one of her classes...


Who we are…

I began practicing yoga in my early teens alongside my dance training. As an ex-dancer and performer, yoga allows me to reconnect to the beauty of movement and creativity with our bodies.

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Yoga played a huge part of my rehab following a knee reconstruction. From then, I fell completely in love, and yoga saved me from some dark places with my mental health. Yoga showed me what my mind and body can achieve after a long time of feeling that my body had given up on me.

And Happenings has been bubbling away for the past couple of years but became more focused in 2019, as I embarked on my journey as a yoga teacher. I’ve learnt from some incredible teachers and love sharing my experiences and knowledge with my students, helping them to overcome their fears and feel empowered to move freely and safely without focusing on aesthetics, making a yoga practice personal to them.


Why yoga is more popular than ever...

People are now becoming more and more aware of how important it is to make time for their mental health and wellbeing, alongside typical workouts and exercise. So, yoga is perfect to accompany this or, just by itself, it can provide people with the opportunity to just breathe, move the body and forget about the bustle of day-to-day life. It is this practice of mindfulness – focusing on the body and breathe throughout a class – that people can take into their normal lives, outside of a yoga class.  


Why 116 is the ideal venue...

I’d been talking to 116 Pall Mall about the idea of hosting yoga classes. They are so easy to work with, very accommodating, and open to new ideas. So, when the opportunity arose to use the space this summer for a special series of classes, I jumped at the chance.

It is such a beautiful place, so why would you not love to flow in such a building? Most classes are in gyms and studios, so by being in such a grand space adds a new dynamic to your weekly yoga class making it a really great and special experience. Also, if you’re in the city, it’s so easy to get to either on foot or by public transport.

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What you can expect from our classes at 116...

We always begin by taking a moment to step away from our day, bringing our bodies and minds to our yoga mats, focusing on our breath. Moving on to warming up through movement, stretching into the spine, firing up energy in the body. Classes always end with coming into a place of total relaxation!


Attracting a new audience...

The number of male students is definitely on the rise, which is so great to see. I think this is again down to an increased awareness of the benefits of yoga such as helping alleviate physical pain, build strength, reduce stress and increased energy. I think there is a belief that it is only for flexible people. But that’s why we should all be going to yoga, to stretch into our bodies which under the right guidance will help build stronger muscles to support our joints and movement.

We hope to see you soon...

As And Happenings Yoga continues to grow I feel truly passionate about helping people, regardless of experience, ability and age, to find a yoga practice that works for them. I’m looking forward to growing my weekly classes, and we hope to return to 116 Pall Mall in September!

You can stay up to date @andhappeningsyoga // andhappenings.com

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