Give your wedding the wow factor without breaking the bank

Candle tabletop
Money is one of the most likely topics to spark arguments among married couples, so it is hardly surprising that engaged couples fight about finances when they’re planning their wedding day, too.

But establishing a realistic budget – that you both agree to stick to – doesn’t mean your celebration has to be anything short of the luxurious big day you have always envisaged.

It’s easy to find cost efficient ways to impress your guests with a little expert inspiration. Our bridal writer Claire Bloomfield has revealed six simple wedding ideas to give your celebration the wow factor without breaking the bank.



Copper details table set up

Wedding arches are the ultimate décor feature and have the power to instantly upgrade your ceremony. However, besides using these decorative creations to frame the bride and groom as they exchange their vows, arches can also be used to create an elegant entrance to the aisle. Why not consider using a pair of vintage doors if you’re looking for rustic wedding decorations? It’s important that you consider the scale of your venue and match the size of your arch accordingly. Try to choose seasonal options when it comes to wedding blooms to avoid any unnecessary costs.

2.      CANDLES

Elegant candle centrepieces cannot only reduce the cheque you write to your florist but they are also a simple way to bring an all over glow to your venue. From lining the aisle to decorating your evening reception space, candles are a long-time favourite among wedding planners. Fragrance infused candles can add a little extra romance to the occasion, too.  Moroccan style wedding lanterns are also an increasingly popular way to scale back on floral centrepieces.



Although covering the bar bill for your guests is a generous gesture, it’s also likely to blow your budget. Creating signature 'his’ and ‘her’ cocktails that you feel represent your personalities or a memorable moment in your relationship can be an easy crowd pleaser. It’s always a good idea to call on the expertise of a mixologist or an experienced bar tender at your venue to craft the perfect celebratory drink.



Picture your guests clutching sparklers as they form a ‘guard of honour’ to mark your send off as your big day comes to a close. Nowadays wedding photographers are usually well versed in capturing these moments. Check in advance with your venue that a magical sparkler send off falls within their regulations.



You can add a touch a sophisticated glamour to your cocktail reception or wedding breakfast with this simple and cost effective decorative accessory. Mirror table tops are widely available in various shapes and sizes, plus in colours such as gold or silver. Think carefully before choosing to buy or rent. Do you really have a use for multiple mirror table tops beyond your wedding celebration?


Ceremonies tend to bring out the emotional side, not only of the newly weds, but the majority of your guests, too. Having handkerchiefs beautifully embroidered and custom sewn with the date of your special day or a memorable message is a thoughtful way to mop up all of those happy tears. There are lots of reasonably priced suppliers available online to choose from.

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