How to celebrate A Royal Christmas Party at 116 Pall Mall

Christmas party
Find out how 116 is going to be transformed into a venue fit for Kings and Queens...

There are few people better qualified to organise the Office Christmas party than Guy Rodger.

He's been working in the events industry for over 20 years and, as a director at Oxygen, he is part of the team that brings a serious amount of knowledge about what makes partygoers happy (and what doesn’t) during the festive season.

“Oxygen has been going for 15 years and the directors have been involved in the Christmas party market for 30 years, so we understand this market thoroughly,” he says.

Last year, Oxygen became 116 Pall Mall’s technical partner, and now provide us with AV, lighting, tech, and support for all our events, including this year’s A Royal Christmas at 116 Pall Mall.

Without wishing to give too much away and spoil the surprise, Guy talks about how and why Oxygen is going to transform 116 into a venue fit for a King or Queen in December…


'116 is already a palace!’

“When one is looking at any building for choosing a theme, you want to go with something that is going to fit in with the architecture and the nature of that building. You don’t want to force anything, especially when you’re dealing with a building like 116 Pall Mall.

I mean, if we were dealing with an empty space, then we would have considered any number of options for a theme. But what I would say about 116 Pall Mall is that, essentially, it’s like a stately home. It was built to a grand scale from the off, it wouldn’t like out of the place if it was surrounded by parkland. 116 is essentially a very, very big house!

So, that influenced our thinking behind the theme. 116 has got this fantastic history. It has this regal feel about it, not least because of the works of art, some of which are grand portraits of members of the Royal Family. And, we shouldn’t forget the fact that 116 was built on the site of King George IV’s former residence.

If it were a blank canvas, and you wanted to create a royal theme, it would cost an awful lot of money. But because we’ve already got the architecture, the pillars, the cantilever staircase, the balconies and that 15ft chandelier that was a gift from George IV...this is already a palace!”


‘Lavish and Ornate’

“What we’re going to do is augment what you already have through fantastic lighting and picking out the standout features through the building. There will be decorations up the staircases and up the balcony, atmospheric lighting throughout.

Within the rooms, we will be dressing tables with architectural centrepieces. It will be lavish and ornate.

It’s also about us getting the fundamentals right. If you go to a party, then it all starts at the cloakroom. If you get that wrong, you’ve already got a room full of angry people. and you don’t give their coat back to them quickly at the end that could be their abiding memory of the party and the venue.

The infrastructure of a building really matters. What if you haven’t got enough toilets? What if you haven’t got kitchens that can produce good quality Christmas Party food?

Plus. the location is really important. It’s easy to get to and leave from. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere at midnight and you can’t get home.

116 has got all of those fundamentals in its favour.”


‘Don’t Be Remembered for The Wrong Reasons’

You have to think about what the Office Christmas Party is for and why it exists. It’s a company thanking its staff. It’s a show of appreciation outside of their remuneration package. Therefore, it is very important to get it right.

So, you must have great customer service, good food, a well-stocked bar in an appropriate environment that allows people to enjoy their seasonal party. You don’t want your party to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Also, it’s not like a wedding. You’re providing a product for very broad church and age range and that is why the fundamentals are so important, regardless of whether you’re 25 or 55.

And, of course, the fellow guests very important. But that’s the one thing we can’t control!”

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Spectacular lighting, opulent decorations and flexible packages mean that planning your party will be a breeze, whether you’re celebrating with colleagues, friends or family.

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